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This week was a slow week. I think the combination of multiple staff members being on vacation and the difficulties associated with working remotely left me with little to do, so I struggled to fill my days with work, though not for a lack of trying. Although I was frustrated and feeling as though I was not contributing as much as I could, I had to step back and remind myself why I am working for Dade Legal Aid. It’s not about me. So even though this week was not exciting, I didn’t sign up for this program in search of an exciting summer. I signed up to take part in meaningful work and see what it’s like to have a career in public interest law. By and large, I think I have done those things in the first half of this internship. It’s just not always glamorous, but I’m okay with that. Fortunately, I have a new project starting next week and I am looking forward to feeling more useful, with a renewed understanding that this internship is bigger than me.