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It’s been absolutely amazing in every way to have had the opportunity to live and volunteer in Singapore for two months. Prior to this immersion, I had never been completely on my own in a new country. Traveling independently to Singapore really pushed me to grow in ways I never thought I would. I also had so many experiences that I would not have had if I had traveled with like-minded individuals. For example, I met many local friends and accompanied them to their favorite spots, thus experiencing Singapore through the non-touristy lens. I also tried many ‘exotic’ foods such as frog and durian, that eventually became commonplace items that I craved. I even started to adopt the local slang and Singaporean speaking style. All of these amazing outcomes came as a result of independent immersion and the help of everyone along the way. So thank you so much to everyone who made my Singapore experience special! And of course, a special thank you to DukeEngage for making this possible! 🙂 Till next time, Singapore.


My flatmate and I eating Thai cuisine
His knowledge about fish is incredible
Korean BBQ with my host sister and the restaurant owner
Jumbo Seafood restaurant with with Dr. Sng (my community mentor; bottom L), Prof Sia (the CEO of KKH; bottom middle), and three third-year medical students. We are enjoying a Singaporean delicacy: Chili Crab!
Some of my Singaporean friends! We were waiting in an extremely long queue for over an hour to eat unagi at Man Man! (see the tail end of the queue trailing behind us in the picture)
Some of my amazing colleagues at KKH. They are showcasing the thank you cards I made them. 🙂
A few of the many thank you cards I made 🙂