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Before Duke Engage, I had not worked full time for this many consecutive weeks (9 weeks down with 1 more to go!) straight before. These past 8 weeks have been wonderful and also very tiring. I have gained some valuable insights and tips for internships and general work experiences. My most important lessons that I learned in no particular order are the following:

1.       Go to bed early! I learned that if I didn’t get at least 8 hours a sleep each night then the following day felt extra long and I was a slower worker.

2.       Ask questions! For me I felt like I had some stupid questions sometimes, but it is much better to ask than to not. This way you know that you will be doing your task correctly. The extra minute of clarification could save you and your boss lots of time if you ended up doing it incorrectly.

3.       Be a couple minutes early everyday. Your boss will appreciate it and it leaves you some extra time to relax and get situated for your long day ahead.

4.       Check in with your boss frequently so your boss knows that you are being productive. Also if you ever get off task or misinterpreted directions, then you will be able to correct it quickly. This can save time in the long run so that you don’t waste time doing the wrong thing.

5.       Dress exceptionally well the first couple of days. Then once you see what your co-workers wear you can adjust your dress accordingly.