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Before starting the program, all of us faced uncertainty regarding the feasibility of virtually teaching students across a 12-hour time difference. Although I had been taking classes online for a year, I found it daunting to lead classes via Zoom for the first time.

Although we encountered internet connection and technical issues, we could successfully introduce ourselves. Each class had around seven to twelve students and showed varying group dynamics. When some students were shy or were unable to use the mic, we increased participation by asking them to type their responses in the chat.

When an unfamiliar vocabulary came up during the jeopardy game, students said, “Sorry, I don’t know.” Once we read out the correct answer, the students immediately repeated the words. At times, the students eagerly attempted to read the new word by themselves without hearing the pronunciation first. The students have had only one class so far, yet we have been told that the students linger around in their seats because they do not want to leave. I am excited to continue interacting with them throughout the summer as I hope to see them improve.

I am also grateful to start this program with an amazing group of peers. The current team effectively collaborated with each other in planning out the lessons and creating presentation slides. Also, special thanks to my teaching partners for covering for me when I got my second dose of vaccine 🙂

As Professor Ku advised us during the team meeting, I will be mindful to speak slowly and find a common subject to talk about.