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People always say that a Duke Engage project goes by really fast …  I didn’t realize how right they were.

After 8 weeks of research and writing, my Duke Engage Project is officially over. However, I will always cherish the experience that I’ve been given and the people I have met. I felt more than welcomed at DAWN and they really did make an effort to make Montreal feel like home. One time, after expressing my desire to go to a Fripe-Prix (which is like a Goodwill, but it’s all over in Montreal), Tamara, one of my coworkers, offered to go thrift shopping with me. Even though I didn’t find anything, I was honestly touched that my coworkers would go out of their way just to make sure that I got to go to this store before I left. Then before my last day of work, my boss offered to bring me out to eat Indian food, because she wanted to treat me (plus I love Indian food). Lastly, on my last day of work, my team gave me a goodbye card and maple syrup for my family. Reading that card after my last day of work, I was kind of shocked. In my mind, I didn’t deserve all this thanks and appreciation- they were the true heroes. They were the ones continuing to work to protect women with disabilities, I was just someone who offered a hand. Nevertheless, I greatly appreciate what they have done for me, and I hope that I was of good help for them.

Since my project is finished, I guess this it the time where I’m supposed to reflect – a time to take a step back and ponder on how this experience had impacted me. If anything I must say that this project helped me to realize the effort it takes to work in the nonprofit field, especially in a smaller nonprofit like DAWN. Everyone has to work together for it to really work, sometimes even making tough sacrifices for the good of the rest of the team. I hope that I can carry this spirit of passion and sacrifice with me, in whatever I decide to do in the future.