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Despite waking up insanely early for my flight, I had a lot of energy stepping off the plane. I had been waiting all summer since school let out for this opportunity to finally begin. I was ready to work and get acclimated to a newer part of California. The feeling I had when I arrived was similar to drinking freshly squeezed orange juice after refraining from sweet beverages for three months – pure delight and satisfaction to begin a new adventure here in Orange County.

At first, I had a few reservations about staying within my home state but all that disappeared when I met our director and site coordinator. They were very cheerful and friendly, and set the tone for the rest of our weeks here with their upbeat and positive energy. Their passion for their work shone through, and I have been inspired by them constantly to be the best facilitator I can be to the students we will be working with at Girl’s Inc. to make a noticeable impact on their lives.

As we settled into our apartment in the first few days, I was glad to be put with three other girls who would later on become great suitemates. They were hilarious, and though it took some time, I feel like we naturally bonded. I am excited to form close relationships with my fellow DukeEngage members so that we have a memorable time here at Orange County. Next week, we will be meeting Girl’s Inc. staff and I am eager to get started and work with them for the next few months!