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Faculty Mentor Considerations

Connecting each student pursuing an independent project with a faculty or staff mentor is an important goal of DukeEngage. With the benefit of your expertise, interest, advice and encouragement, we believe the student you mentor will be able to conceptualize a project that meets the needs of a community partner, to write a persuasive application for funding, and to integrate the DukeEngage experience through coursework, independent research, co-curricular activities and career exploration in the new academic year.

What A DukeEngage Faculty Mentor Does

  • Meets with the student(s) planning to submit an application for an independent project and gives advice on how to develop a project that is challenging, feasible with respect to available time and resources, and responsive to needs expressed by an identified community partner organization.
  • Provides advice to the student on how to resolve any potential ethical conflicts the proposed project may raise. If a student’s activities appear to involve research with human subjects, a mentor refers the student to the Duke Office of Research Support for guidelines governing student research.
  • Reviews the project application the student has written before he/she submits it for consideration by DukeEngage.
  • Identifies with the student a capstone activity to conclude his/her project at the end of the summer. This might be a presentation shared at Duke or digitally via the DukeEngage website, a written report and reflection on what the student and the community partner gained from the project; a plan for independent study at Duke, a plan for a follow-up civic engagement project at Duke, in Durham or elsewhere, a plan for advocacy, outreach and project development; or some unique step to help integrate meaningfully the experience into the student’s life and studies.
  • Maintains e-mail contact with the student during the summer to discuss progress and challenges.
  • Meets with the student upon his/her return to campus to help the student think about how he/she might best link his/her DukeEngage project to life at Duke
What A DukeEngage Faculty Mentor Does NOT Do

As a Faculty Mentor you do NOT have to provide logistical advice or support (travel, visas, housing, IRB approval, risk assessment, vetting the community partner organization, pre-travel health and safety, etc.). All of that is handled by the DukeEngage programming and training teams.