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DukeEngage Values Faculty Participation

One of the primary goals of DukeEngage is to expand student education outside the classroom, to connect students to real-world problems and real-world solutions, to help them apply what they are learning in new and always-changing environments — now and in the future. And we know that students who work closely alongside Duke faculty report greater satisfaction and stronger impact. We also know that students who build relationships with DukeEngage faculty members are more likely to connect their DukeEngage summer to their academic experience at Duke, through related coursework and research, continued service, senior theses, experiential certificates and more. That’s why we want to partner with YOU and your Duke faculty peers.

Vincent Price, President, Duke Unviversity, 2017

“DukeEngage’s immersive service programs provide students and faculty with opportunities to challenge themselves, expand their perspectives, and make a tangible difference in the world.”

Interested in Leading a DukeEngage Project?

Do you have expertise in specific regions of our country or world? Would you like to help Duke students apply what they learn in the classroom in real-world settings? Are you curious about how DukeEngage works for faculty — how it might strengthen your scholarship or research? Most of our faculty become involved with DukeEngage by submitting an application to lead a group program. We’d love to hear from you if you have a program idea.

FIRST STEP: Please read through existing program offerings. We are actively seeking to add new ideas, new themes and new locations. If your idea is similar to a program we already offer, we are not likely to prioritize a new program in that same area. Here’s a PDF with short descriptions of all 2019 programs.

Next, consider these questions:

  • Does this idea involve an underrepresented theme?
  • If you are thinking about an international program, could it run in the U.S. instead?
  • Is your topic/theme or intended geographic part of the world one of the priority areas in the current RFP? If not, is your idea flexible?

New Program Ideas Are Welcome!

Please refer to the 2019-2020 DukeEngage Faculty Call for Proposals PDF below to access proposal criteria.

Applications are due no later than Thursday, August 15, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. EDT, and should be submitted by e-mail to Funding decisions and notification of project acceptance will be made the week of September 9, 2019.

You may also contact Eric Mlyn, executive director of DukeEngage, to talk about your program idea: Sometimes it’s best to start things off with a quick email and maybe a conversation over a cup of coffee.

Site Exploration Funds Available

DukeEngage welcomes applications from Duke faculty and staff to receive site exploration funds to explore the possibility of creating a new DukeEngage project for 2020. Available funding enables faculty and staff to travel to potential DukeEngage sites. Access the form below to begin the application process.

The deadline to submit a request for a site exploration grant for new programs in 2020 is April 12, 2019. Notification of awards will be announced on or before Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

If you miss the deadline, please contact Eric Mlyn, executive director of DukeEngage, to talk about your program idea for 2021 or future summers: