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DukeEngage Values Faculty Participation

We know how important faculty relationships are to student development and to program quality. After a decade of growth and maturation, DukeEngage is proud that almost all of our group programs are either led by faculty members or benefit from the contributions and support of a Faculty Fellow. Year after year, we’ve relied on their expertise to help guide the program and the students to success.

Interested in Leading a DukeEngage Project?

  • Have you ever thought about joining the DukeEngage faculty?
  • Does your research align with the DukeEngage mission?
  • Do you have expertise in specific regions of our world?

Most faculty become involved with DukeEngage by submitting an application to lead a group program. We’d love to hear from you if you have a program idea.

New Program Ideas Are Welcome

Civic engagement is a broad term that can include everything from volunteerism to democratic participation. We seek to support student projects ranging from: working in local schools; assisting with disaster recovery; volunteering with an international human rights organization; conducting HIV/AIDS education, outreach and prevention in communities around the world. What connects each of these experiences, and others like them, are that they involve individuals and groups tackling issues of public, even global, concern.  The most important avenue for Duke student engagement is to participate in DukeEngage programs built by Duke faculty. Experiencing civic engagement with faculty is central to our mission of helping students connect their DukeEngage experiences back to their lives at Duke upon return.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with faculty who are leading current programs — and engaging new faculty through the development of new programs across the globe.

Please refer to the 2017-2018 DukeEngage Faculty Call for Proposals PDF below to access proposal criteria.

Proposals for new programs are due by August 14, 2017.

You may also contact Eric Myln, executive director of DukeEngage, to talk about your program idea:

Site Exploration Funds Available

DukeEngage welcomes applications from Duke faculty and staff to receive site exploration funds to explore the possibility of creating a new DukeEngage project 2018 or 2019. Available funding enables faculty and staff to travel to potential DukeEngage sites. Access the form below to begin the application process.

The deadline to submit a request for a site exploration grant for new programs in 2018 was April 14, 2017.

If you missed the deadline, please contact Eric Myln, executive director of DukeEngage, to talk about your program idea for 2019 or future summers: