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Faculty Fellow Responsibilities

DukeEngage offers approximately 40 civic engagement programs annually, some of which are led by Duke faculty and staff, and others operated by volunteer sending organizations (VSOs) in partnership with DukeEngage. VSO providers such as SIT Study AbroadBorderlinksSocial Entrepreneur Corps and others, work in collaboration with community-based organizations and nonprofits at each site to develop programs and student projects that align with DukeEngage’s mission and goals.

As with faculty and staff-led programs, DukeEngage’s VSO programs place student participants in full-time service opportunities and incorporate pre-departure training, enrichment activities and reflection meetings. VSO staff also manage a full range of program logistics that includes interviewing and selecting DukeEngage participants, organizing housing/homestays and arranging ground  transportation.

DukeEngage Faculty Fellows are Duke University faculty who work collaboratively with VSO staff to enrich the experience of students, but they are not responsible for the programmatic and administrative tasks of the programs.

DukeEngage Faculty Fellows help students to thoughtfully and intentionally integrate their summer civic engagement experiences with their academic life at Duke. Fellows introduce students to disciplinary theories and concepts that can inform and enrich their volunteer service and cultural engagement in host communities and share their knowledge of local issues, institutions, and culture.

Responsibilities include:

  • facilitate pre-departure and re-entry reflections in collaboration with VSO staff
  • recommend to students relevant coursework, undergraduate research opportunities and independent studies
  • visit program sites and meet with local staff, DukeEngage participants and partner organizations to review program goals and deepen relationships
  • advise students about extending their civic engagement commitments at Duke and in Durham

If you’re interested in learning more about the role of our Faculty Fellows, please email us.