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CrescentCare is an amazing organization that offers their clients a wide range of services.  I have been fortunate to help several different departments during my internship.  This has given me a variety of perspectives about HIV advocacy, treatment, stigma, and needs.  The place I feel most at home though is in the Food for Friends kitchen.

Food for Friends is a part of CrescentCare that provides meals for clients who are homebound.  We make a variety of really delicious meals that clients can then heat up during the week, so they don’t have to cook but can still have yummy but healthy food.  It is an amazing feeling to help prep and cook several different things on Tuesday, then come in on Thursday and watch as that food gets used to make over 500 meals of three different types as you package it.  The meals get stacked on the cart two across four down and three layers tall per tray and two trays per level on the cart.  Then we roll the carts into the freezer where they are stored until Tuesday when drivers come to pick up then deliver the meals.

That feeling of watching as peppers and onions and other things that are just ingredients get combined with a bit of effort and time to become something delicious and filling for so many people is amazing and I am so fortunate to be a part of helping it happen.