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My name is Victoria Pinter and I am a rising junior studying Public Policy. I am working in at the Red Cross in New Orleans. At the Red Cross, I am working on the Pillow Case Project in which my partner Emily and I present to children in grades 3-5. We present on how to protect yourself from in home fires as well as natural disasters. Towards the end of the presentation, we give the children pillow cases, to be used as a holder for emergency supplies, that they can decorate and draw on.  I am very excited and nervous to give my first presentation even though I don’t know when that will be. At my job, I also trained for the Home fire campaign in which we install smoke alarms in people’s homes which is very interesting and a really great program that the Red Cross offers.

This weekend we had an orientation weekend which was really nice as I got to learn a lot about Katrina and got a full tour of the city. We went to different museums and watched a short film on the impact and devastation that Katrina had on the city of New Orleans as well as got a tour of the city in which the resiliency of the residents of New Orleans was observed. I am really looking forward to learning as much about the city and its culture for the next eight weeks.