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Or should I say, first weekend? We flew in on Thursday, and spent the weekend settling into our home for the summer, suite-style apartment dorms at California State University Fullerton. I started to get a feel for what the summer is going to be like – we spent a lot of time together as a group, doing everything from grocery shopping to dinners together.

Two things happened this week – revising our lesson plans, and a trip to the aquarium. We took one more look at the lesson plans for the biomedical engineering project that we will be leading the girls at Girls Inc. through, and got a partner to work on it with. My idea for building a pulse sensor circuit was chosen, so I’m excited think about actually building and implementing it. I have never done it before, so it will be a learning experience for me as well.

On Sunday, we took an enrichment trip to the Aquarium at Long Beach. It has been years since I went into an aquarium, so it was really cool to go to one as an adult. Now that I am older, a lot of the scientific information that is presented, such as information on extinction and climate change, seemed a lot more interesting.