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New Orleans is sooooo so interesting. Everywhere you look, there is something new to see. Every time you listen, there is something new to hear. Aside from being hassled by a man with two teardrop tattoos on his face on the way to work, the culture here is so friendly. Everybody says hello whether you’re passing them on the bus or just walking down the street. I have loved interacting with people and listening to little bits of their stories, and am very excited to learn more. I have a feeling that I am going to like it here.

My first week at work has also been super interesting #thegrind #9to5. Although watching all of the training videos is dull and tiresome, once Emma, one of my roommates and work partners, and I are able to get out into the field, I think that things will pick up. We will be going out in to the bayou community to places like churches or schools educating members about fire and hurricane preparedness. Hopefully the program we develop is sustainable, and can continue once Emma and I leave in seven weeks (which sometimes seems like such a short time but also sometimes seems long – I haven’t decided).

Making lunch for myself AND cooking dinner is definitely something new. I want my mom to pack my lunch. I also would enjoy if she went grocery shopping for me. Mom, where you at???? My roommates and I agreed that we will each cook dinner for the apartment once a week, and then will probably go out to eat for the other three days to experience the local cuisine. This week I cooked hamburgers, and let me tell you they were a teeny tiny bit (maybe more?) overcooked. I’ve got to get better with that, and also come up with some more ideas of what to make.

I try to say active by running in Audubon park most days, which I enjoy and I find to be very pretty. However, it really has been raining a lot so I haven’t been going everyday.

Anyway, from this you may gather that I need a little bit more time to get used to New Orleans; but, like I said, I do think that I’m going to like it here. 🙂 @ 3:05