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I honestly can’t believe how fast this week has flown by. I’m working at Children’s Hospital during my time here, but my work here has been a departure from what students have done here in the past. My supervisor now works under Volunteer Services, and she plans to start a brand new junior ambassador volunteer program at the hospital for high school students in the area. I’ve been helping spearhead this program by planning and coordinating the activities which the ambassadors will be involved in. This has involved a lot of networking within the hospital to find the best opportunities for the students that fit within their schedules. Orientation programs also need to be constructed, which has likewise required the input of many different departments.

But while most of my work thus far has been coordinating the logistics of this program before the students arrive next week, my position here also involves time shadowing within the Emergency Department and interacting with patients in the play rooms through the Child Life Department. These are more secondary tasks, but I’ve been given a lot of opportunity to shape my role here. With the students arriving soon, I also know that my role will be consistently changing, as I will be assuming the responsibility of supervising them during their various shifts. I’m excited to embrace these changes in the weeks going forward, as it provides a fresh experience every time I show up to work each morning.