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Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, and I am a rising junior from Armonk, NY. I’m majoring in Sociology with a certificate in Markets and Management Studies and a minor in Global Health. This summer, I am interning at health clinic called CrescentCare with Esther and Ashwin. I split my time between working with Human Resources and Volunteer Services. So far with HR, I have prepared onboarding documents and updated employee records. Right now, I am checking electronic files for all 300 employees to make sure that they have proper documentation. It’s been taking me a while. Besides the work with HR, I have helped with communications and made bags for the New Orleans Syringe Access Program (NOSAP). NOSAP helps protect injection drug users from infectious disease by providing free, clean needles and supplies. Last week over 220 people came to CrescentCare for this program.

It has been great to learn more about CrescentCare. They really do everything including primary medical care, counseling, legal services, insurance enrollment, and more. I’m amazed by the level of care they provide and by how much they’re grown since starting as an AIDS hotline 35 years ago. Every day I am also blown away by the fact that everyone at CrescentCare treats each other like family. I’ve never been in an environment were everyone is so kind and open.

I’ve really enjoyed my first week here in NOLA. I loved our first full day. We got beignets, went to the Katrina exhibit in Jackson Square, saw a documentary at the aquarium, and then had free time to walk around the French Quarter. It was a wonderful way to learn about both the history and culture of New Orleans. I’ve also been enjoying the streetcar ride down St. Charles on our way home from CrescentCare each day. I like seeing the beautiful houses and beads hanging from the oak trees.

I’m very excited to get to know the city more!