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New Orleans is a city of many names: Crescent City, the Big Easy, the Birthplace of Jazz or NOLA, but for this summer it will be home.  We are fortunate that this city is used to welcoming outsiders with warm greeting, hugs and delicious food.  I am particularly grateful because this is the farthest I have ever lived from where I grew up.

My name is Alexandria and I am a born and raised North Carolinian with all of my family almost exclusively still being in North Carolina.  I have left for the summer before, but only to other places within North Carolina.  Being here has been an adjustment.  Many of these adjustments have been for the better though,  I have learned to love the street car, for its breeze in this very warm city, for its unique sound, and for the opportunity to look out the windows at restaurants I might want to eat at or parks to be explored.

While I am here I will have the opportunity to work with CrescentCare.  I am grateful to be able to work with both the Development Department and Food for Friends.  This allows me to see two very different sides of CrescentCare and therefore interact with a variety of people.

While I know we are already three weeks in, I still feel like there is so much more to learn about New Orleans, the Crescent City, the Big Easy, NOLA.