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This past week the Duke Engage Zhuhai, China team went on our week long excursion to Yunnan. The sights, sounds, weather, and culture were vastly different from that of Zhuhai in my opinion. Dali seemed like quite the blast from the past- the minority culture had been well preserved and the streets reminded me of a quaint town where fresh morning markets were still alive and horses were the main mode of transportation instead of cars. I loved how genuinely happy the people seemed to be. We were all greeted with smiles and warm welcomes from the people we met in the streets.


My favorite part of the excursion was our first night in Kunming we saw an ethnic minority cultural dance show. The music combined with the history and dance was extremely impactful. I really loved how every prop and every style of dance had history and meaning behind it. The star dancer was able to mimic the movement of a peacock with her hands and arms- it was truly beautiful and breathtaking.


What was really hard about the excursion was the thought in the back of head that heading back to Zhuhai would be my last week. As much as I will miss the students at no. 9 middle school, I am excited to head back home. But what will be extremely hard and I am dreading with my entire being is saying goodbye to my host family. My host sister, Amy, has been the sister I have always wanted growing up. She is funny, smart, and sassy and even though I have only known her for two months I love her so so much. I know that on Sunday when we leave for the airport to go back to America I will cry my eyes out when I hug her for the last time. What a blessing from God she has been in my life. I am sure we will keep in contact and I am excited to see her grow up.