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This week has been a great week of exploration. We started off the week by visiting the Bowers museum. There was a special exhibit on Frida Kahlo’s pictures. It was very interesting to see the different styles she chose to do and really to see her background and true history. We also went to different parts of the museum and saw some great representations of California history along with art. It was so interesting to see the different types of art and how artists portrayed California. There were pieces that focused on the missions and different portraits of the California landscape and cities. The art was great.


On Monday we went back to girls Inc headquarters and worked on our lessons and got more information about other lessons. It’s quite hard to explain how the lessons work but I think it will be a lot of fun when we start camp, I’m really looking forward to it. I have a lesson on prosthetics, one on zip-lines, and more with some of the facilitators from Girls Inc. These all seem very interesting and I wish I could have been a camper.


We went to the police department to do a live scan, and then got a tour of the campus we will be working at for camp. We then explored Irvine. After we went to help the older girls Inc camp. We helped them with their resumes and preparing for an interview. Then we went to Huntington Beach and got to see surf competitions as well as eat at Ruby’s at the end of the pier. It was really pretty.


We hiked to the Hollywood sign which is something I had never done before. It was not too bad of a hike and it was a great view at the top. We also went to downtown L.A.


We got supplies for our lessons and went to girls Inc. At Girls Inc we talked to the older girls inc camp and top them about college and the application process. We also lead icebreakers and practiced ELC.


We started trying to create a prosthetic and work on our lessons.

Overall this has been a fun week so far and I can’t wait until camp starts.