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Well, DukeEngage is finally ending.

This means no more discussions, reflections.

But this is not the end of engagement,

As I shouldn’t need formal directions.


Thinking of how I’ll really stay engaged:

Considering more, never to downplay,

Consuming more, chatting about issues,

Applying that which I’ve learned ev’ryday.


It should be pretty simple to keep up.

I have to be consistent, not refrain

From reflecting. So, in reality,

This may be the hardest part to maintain.


I could forget all that we have discussed,

And return to my old ways of thinking.

It’s sadly easy to no longer care,

And my time to reflect will be shrinking.


Hold on, hold on. I can prevent all this.

All I have to do is… prioritize!

Luckily, I have made two commitments,

Which I definitely do not despise:

To continue seeing all in this way

And to help others view with their own eyes.