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Back in Miami

Now that I have been back at home for about a week, I have had time to reflect over my experience South Korea. Being near my family and friends again has made me realize how much I have learned in these two months. I find myself being able to share my experience and answer questions eloquently. Mostly, however, this experience has made me realize how perfectly my majors align with my interests.

As a Linguistics and International Comparative Studies double major, I am able to pursue areas of knowledge that can allow me to build upon what I learned through DukeEngage. Plus, both of my majors require extensive language classes. This means I can take the Korean language classes that I want to take while fulfilling my major requirements. I am excited to go back to Duke and start in Korean 101. (I am also glad that I will come in with a base in the language after spending two months around those who speak it, as well as having taken classes while in Korea.)

Over all, I am so grateful to have had this experience. It has allowed me to explore myself in depth and has created many opportunities to learn and grow. These two months have meant the world to me, and though I am happy to be back in my own time zone, I will miss the time when I was in Korea. It was, undoubtedly, an unforgettable 2 months.