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Since we just arrived in Orange County on Thursday (6/15), it was a pretty short first week, but still enlightening. This is my first time on the west coast, so I’m extremely excited to explore what southern California has to offer! Though we haven’t gotten too far into our DukeEngage schedule yet, we’ve already seen an amazing beach and aquarium.

We spent this partial week getting adjusted by unpacking and stocking our apartment. However, we have a few weeks of training to look forward to, and then Eureka! camp! I can’t wait to further develop the lesson plan on the human eye that I’ve been constructing over the spring semester. There’s still quite a bit of work left until it’s complete and ready to be implemented, but I really hope the campers enjoy participating in the lesson as much as I’ve enjoyed preparing it. On a similar note, I’m also particularly excited about CSI week in the fourth week at camp. Since I was quite obsessed with CSI: Miami in my early years of high school (and even wanted to be a forensic scientist for a time), I think it will be entertaining even as part of the staff.

Overall, I am eager to see what awaits me in the remaining weeks of DukeEngage. Since I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering, it would be great if I could bring some skills that I learned at Duke to Eureka! camp, perhaps in my own lesson plan or in some of the other STEM lessons that I will be helping with. So far, everyone I have met has been friendly and welcoming, and our DukeEngage group already gets along rather well. Therefore, I am confident this summer will be a unique and amazing experience!


(One of the tide pools we saw at the beach!)