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In the opening weeks here in DukeEngage New Orleans, I feel that I have taken great strides in understanding such a complex dynamic that is this city.  I came to New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina, but I was only 10 years old, and came nowhere close to grasping the storm’s effects. In our early exposure to New Orleans, Dr. Burns, our site coordinator, has done a phenomenal job introducing us to the immediate and lasting effects of Katrina and the impact it had on everyone. The introduction has also done a good job presenting the multifaceted culture of the city. A population with groups that possess so many cultures, backgrounds, and individual strives come together to make a vibrant, positive people that could not be prouder of where they’re from.

On the internship front, Nick and I have settled in nicely to our week by week kids camp. Every day brings joy filled and eager children, which I have welcomed with open arms. I have realized how lucky I am to be in such a heartwarming internship. Some of the other internships have some emotionally trying occurrences, and after a difficult start to my summer, pre-DukeEngage, I certainly was not and am not in a place to be able to deal with such days. I have very much enjoyed putting on the camp for uplifting kids and look forward to continuing to do so in the coming weeks.