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At the Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy, groups were asked to take a series of photos:

  • Very serious
  • Cat people vs. dog people
  • With half their feet off the ground
  • Professional
  • Representing their summer location or community

Here’s the Kochi, India group!

posed group, standing on marble steps outside building
Kochi 2018 Group Photo: Professional
Kochi 2018 Group Photo: Location
posed group, one young man on standing in middle, groups of students on either side of him facing off, inside a classroom
Kochi 2018 Group Photo: Cats Vs. Dogs
posed group, sitting on desks with feet up in the air, smiling
Kochi 2018 Group Photo: Half Feet Up
posed group, standing with arms crossed looking at camera in classroom
Kochi 2018 Group Photo: Serious