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Recently, I worked on a flyer to inform the masses on the requirements for Haitian TPS. What I thought would have been a simple flyer turned out to be 4 hours of overtime on a Friday night. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind it.

I’m usually someone who is not extremely detail oriented nor a perfectionist, but I believe there is a lot to learn from these kind of people. The supervisor who provided me with critiques knew exactly how she needed the flyer to be, because she knew how Haitians in the Miami community needed documents to look like. Readability and brief explanations were some of the factors that needed to be enforced in the flyer.

The overall process taught me that I don’t know enough about the community because of the virtual component of this internship. I don’t believe that I could learn about the community through a screen, phone call, or word of mouth the same as if I were physically present. If my supervisor didn’t provide helpful critiques or if I were in a situation where there wasn’t enough time to receive critiques on my work, I’m doubtful I would be able to turn in the same caliber of work. I’m on a quest to figure out how I could learn about how the community functions and what they require, without physically being present.