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It’s so wild to think that this experience is almost coming to end. I feel like I have settled into more of a comfortable rhythm in the last few weeks.


This week, all of the DukeEngage students working with my organization were able to do a project together, which was a really great experience. We were tasked with creating instructional videos that explained how to make an appointment, what to expect when filing different forms, and other similar topics. These videos are translated into English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. They will be uploaded onto my organization’s Youtube platform and will be a resource for clients who would like an audio-visual explanation for commonly asked questions. This will hopefully take some burden off of the staff.


This was a really engaging project because we were all able to collaborate and ended up with a really nice-looking product. We finished one video this week and are hoping to work on several during our last week so that we can leave something with our organization that will help them for some time.


I was also able to work on a legal memo this week. This was a really exciting opportunity to apply the research and memo writing skills from my public policy courses into a more real-world context. It was a difficult task but I really enjoyed doing it!


With one last official week of work, I hope to wrap up unfinished projects that I’ve been working on throughout the summer. I also hope to be intentional about how I can be most helpful to my organization this week and get the most out of the limited time remaining.