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This week, I focused on planning a presentation for one day of the camp. My partner and I were tasked with creating a slide deck about websites, branding, and HTML. I specifically took on the HTML section, and this was harder than I expected. Having never been a camp facilitator before, and new to being on the facilitating side of online learning, I struggled to brainstorm the best way to teach HTML, a programming language used for web displays. My personal knowledge of the language is minimal at best, only ever having used it when I made a personal website in high school. 

Lucky for me, the Girls Inc staff (our partner organization in Orange County) has been supportive, and my partner also assisted during the brainstorming and setup process. While creating the presentation, I learned so much about HTML, and this has given me the confidence I need in order to go into the start of camp and presentation feeling optimistic. I can honestly say I am excited to facilitate and hopefully help create a meaningful experience for the campers. This upcoming week, I look forward to continuing to revise the presentation with my partner and those mentoring us, as well as working with my partner on the asynchronous elective presentation “Life in Technicolor.”