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These past 8 weeks have been yet another a point of privilege during my time at Duke, and one that I am well aware of. I had financial security, time, and resources to work with an organization that aligns so well with my own values and aspirations. Had it not been for this opportunity, I would’ve only accomplished a fraction of the work I did this summer. I was able to share a space with others who have also been impacted by migration and learn from each other the root causes of migration.


This opportunity was incredible and although the structure of Duke Engage was helpful and beneficial, I don’t think the absence of the program will greatly impact my collaboration and focus on the organization. It’s important I share that I already had a relationship with the program prior to DukeEngage. However, I truly believe that regardless of any previous affiliations I would’ve continued to work with Migrant Roots Media past these 8 weeks. Their work and mission are incredibly important and the exact work I wish to be involved in.


I am incredibly fortunate to have a connection with the organization and to continue to work with them beyond this summer. My work with MRM has barely begun and it will only continue as we work to start a new MRM chapter at Duke. The main difference between this summer and the future is that in the future, the structure of our collaborations will be based solely on the terms of the organization and myself, an aspect I am most looking forward to.