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Final check-in

It is the end of the second to last week of DukeEngage and here I am with twenty-five dollars left of my second stipend from a third party, AKA my mother. I wish I could have spent my money more wisely like I have been doing for these past two weeks, but I know I would not have done as much in Miami if that had been the case. It would have been nice if I would’ve saved up some money to splurge on my last weekend here, but hey.

Although the office does not operate on our schedule, which of course has an eight-week duration, work has started to slow down. My tasks have been more administrative than law-related which is good and bad. The law-related tasks that I have done, ranging from writing motions to doing research, have all been very fun and time-consuming, while administrative work is literally the most boring thing there is to do. However, we have had an increase in different types of work days as opposed to the usual in-office work. We canvassed this week, which was nerve-wracking because we were supposed to be handing legal clinic fliers out to people who could use help or know someone that could. The problem that I had was that the legal clinic is geared towards helping undocumented people achieve legal status, but what does an undocumented person look like? I know if someone would’ve come up to me on the street and handed me the flier I would be very offended and uncomfortable because I feel like it is a form of profiling.

On the positive side, casual Friday’s are the BEST because sweating isn’t a big problem when you’re in a short sleeve t-shirt. This week has been extremely hot, and luckily, I only had to deal with it in professional attire for two days out of this week because Tuesday I was sick and Thursday was casual also. This was only because we were supposed to set up for an event that was in Miami Shores so we got to come in at eleven and wear casual clothes. The win-win of Thursday was that we did not even end up going and ended up staying in the office the whole day, but for a short day!

My last assignment before I leave this office is to make an immigration game. I was very confused on how this would be done, but I’m going to use the game of life as a template and then put a lot of different twists on the rules and elements. This will be a very fun work assignment because on the last day we’re going to play it and I hope everything works out well. I’m no game designer but I know they’ll appreciate my effort.