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For me, going to college was always a given. It wasn’t a matter of if I would be going to college, but where. However, working at Eureka! during my first week has opened my eyes up to the different circumstances that these girls grew up with. While these differences were not apparent on the surface level, these girls came from a wide range of backgrounds on a social and economic level.

Our jobs at camp were not only to make it a enjoyable experience where they can learn, but also to create a safe space where the girls feel safe and comfortable to share their experiences. During one of the breaks during my STEM lesson, I took the time to talk to some of the girls and get some feedback on camp so far. As I was talking to her, she told me about how Eureka! really changed her outlook on her future. She explained how two years ago, she did not even consider the possibility of college and wanted to go straight into the military. However, after going through the Girls Inc. curriculum, she is starting to think more about what she can do to pursue a college education. Though she was still interested in going to the military for a few years, she also discovered a passion in engineering and the medical sciences.

As an aspiring engineer myself, I encouraged her to look into colleges that offer a biomedical engineering major in order to combine her interests. I also explained the number of scholarships that she could apply for and the externship program that Girls Inc. offers to help rising juniors and seniors in high school gain experience and prepare for college. Hearing the impact that Eureka! has made on some girls has made me more excited about the weeks ahead. Even if I could make a positive impact on one girl’s outlook for her future, it will make all the difference.