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Showing Solidarity, and Learning to Listen

Published by Carter Forinash
Other DukeEngage Seattle participants have written about the unexpected challenges of their non-profit work, Pride celebrations’ struggles with true inclusivity, …
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Stop Judging.

Published by Ellie Marlor
Judgement is a hard-wired mechanism for survival, a natural instinct, and a defense mechanism. Most of us partake in constant …
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Reality Check

Published by Molly Monsour
My first stress of DukeEngage came the morning of my flight (4 AM, eek) when my bag was overweight, and …
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Language Barriers are Hard

Published by Alexis Pearman
Sometimes, I get the opportunity to accompany my boss to the mobile home parks she represents. One day, we went …
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A Stranger with A Strong Opinion

Published by Madeleine Scully
This past weekend we joined our colleagues at Ndifuna Ukwazi (NU) for their annual work retreat. Eating breakfast 2 days …
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Published by Kayla Nguyen
“At the end of the day, all I can do is close my eyes and pray that tomorrow will be …
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Daily Bus Rides to Threshold

Published by Alice Wu
After carefully hopping over the gap between the muddy patch of grass and the street onto the Bull City Connector, …
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