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Beginning DukeEngage Chile!

Published by Sona Suryadevara
With the uncertainty and tragedy going on in the world right now, I am glad I am still able to …
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Halfway through the Chile Project

Published by Jonathan Pertile
It’s been four weeks since I started this journey. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s been the easiest thing I’ve ever …
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From Anxiety to Admiration

Published by Alison Hurst
Much of my work for the Criminal Justice Resource Center thus far is solitary, as I sit at my kitchen …
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Stay Konektid!

Published by Sarabjot Bhasin
When Duke Engage was cancelled this summer, I was incredibly sad. I was planning on an incredibly educational summer in …
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A Sense of Belonging

Published by Andre Hall
Throughout the course of week 2, I’ve watched our group come together and take initiative. We divided up our tasks, …
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