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Let me introduce myself

Published by Mikayla Aguie
It’s amazing how fast two weeks can go by. So without further ado, let me introduce myself. My name is …
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Young man smiling with an older man and woman


Published by Nina Kuprasertkul
The Process At first, I only knew of Daa as a friendly face, the boy would give me a wide …
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young child sitting with female health worker

Por Dicha

Published by jordanrichardson
My final day in Costa Rica was marked with many tearful goodbyes and promises of visits and staying in touch. …
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Castle overlooking green lawn and coastline

Reflecting on Two Durhams

Published by Michelle Qiou
Working at Team Durham For the past two weeks, I’ve gotten a good sense of my work placement here in …
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It was a doggone great day

Published by Beau Blass
Work today began with excited, somewhat slobbery greetings from a precious golden retriever that could hardly contain himself at the …
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Temporary Patients Group Photo

La Fundación Padre Damian

Published by Harry Liu
For the past month and a half, I’ve been volunteering at La Fundación Padre Damian.  It is a residential hospital …
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Arriving in Durham 2.0

Published by Michelle Qiou
Arriving and Getting Oriented When I told my friends I would be in England for four weeks, they not only …
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