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San Francisco team 2016

Statistics of “Freedom”

Published by Ji-Ho Park
Another week in San Francisco meant another suite of events and activities happening around the city. This past weekend was …
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Art promoting the Washington Bus

Marching with the Bus

Published by Sherry Huang
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) My first three weeks in Seattle have been filled with many exciting …
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The Solid Ground (NGO) sign

First Week at Solid Ground

Published by Mirko Tancredi
My first week at Solid Ground’s Lettuce Link program has come to an end. It feels like I have done …
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Published by Emily Nagler
For past 7 weeks at OA (OneAmerica), every day I have been more and more impressed by the breadth of …
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Rhetoric of Oppression

Published by Sam Furlong
The worst thing you can tell someone is that they can’t. That they can’t get a job; that they can’t …
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The Solid Ground (NGO) sign

Organizing Community Development

Published by Coco Sheng
Three weeks’ experience at Solid Ground has brought me into the complex world of non-governmental organizations. This organization, in particular, …
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Rally organized by the Quinault Indian Nation protesting the proposed oil terminal in Grays Harbor

Oil and Water

Published by Yan Sun
“to keep safe all things under the sky, that we are connected with all things through our traditions and ways, …
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Cross-cultural Interactions

Published by katerodgers
Duke Engage Academy made me think a lot about cross-cultural interaction and helped me realize the potential applications of what …
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Peruvian Tea Party

Published by Riya Dange
Over the past forty-eight hours, I have consumed more tea than I ever knew existed. There’s té de coca (coca …
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It’s the Little Things

Published by Gianna Giordano
Every day at Amantaní really is an adventure. Last Tuesday was especially interesting because Lupe had a meeting so the …
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