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This week during camp we taught the girls the biomedical engineering lesson plans we prepared. Melissa and I were in charge of teaching them about the eye and how vision works. We first went over the anatomy of the eye and then delved into how each part functions. The girls built a model of the eye using a glass bowl, water and pieces of paper. They were able to see how images are projected upside down onto the retina by shining a light through the bowl and an image cut out from a piece of paper. We then discussed how the body protects the eye using eyelids, lashes, and brows in addition to why certain environments require the use of additional eye protection. The girls then had some fun building their own protective eyewear using household items. In the afternoon the girls had electives. This week there were a few different electives including building your own fidget spinner, zumba, hip hop, and coding with an Arduino. Hoping to improve my dancing skills, I participated in zumba and hip hop. While I’m not sure my coordination got any better, I did have a lot of fun hopping around with the girls. Finally, on Friday we all went to the beach. It was a long day in the sun but it was worth it to see them all having so much fun in the water and sand.