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Week one of camp was absolutely crazy! Monday was the first day of camp. After the girls arrived there was a welcome speech, followed by breaking them up into groups and playing games. Siera and I also taught our first lesson: Tower of Terror Egg Drop. The girls learned how drop rides work (electromagnets) and were then challenged to build their own drop ride for a passenger egg. I was also a support for the Mind and Body class this week. We covered topics like stress, nutrition, bullying, and self-esteem. The group we had for Mind and Body was a bit rowdy; it was difficult to control the classroom. However, after a few stern talking-tos they finally got their act together for the final day of the class. I never knew how hard it was to teach before this week, but now I have a much greater appreciation for teachers everywhere who do this day in and day out.

In addition to those two classes, the girls also got to go to the pool at a high school across the street on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It was pretty warm outside this week, so a lot of the girls really enjoyed getting to cool off in the water. On Friday we all went to Knott’s Berry Farm. The girls were so excited to be there and couldn’t get enough of the rides. Personally, I’m a bit afraid of crazy roller coasters. However, I went on most of the rides, scared myself witless, screamed my throat into oblivion, and had a lot of fun.

On Saturday the nine of us went to the California Science Center, where they had an exhibit about the human body. They also had the actual spaceship Endeavor, which was amazing to see up close.