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I consulted a social worker who choose this job due to the major they study in college and the reality constraint in finding a better alternative. The interaction when hearing the concerns of the people and the excitement they experience in the process of successfully helping community members make them feel connected and valuable. Through interaction, sometimes they heard elders really care about the monthly phone calls from the workers due to loneliness and they are impressed by the fact that those negligible work they have done are really important in the eyes of the people they help.  Interaction brings connected feeling and make social workers work harder, which in return makes social worker feel more connected. A virtuous cycle is formed.


Bringing the same idea to my project, I am going to maintain the interaction between my project and my end-users in the community. I am going to release the program to the community whenever the earliest workable version is created. Positive feedback from end-user will make me feel connected to the community and energetic to work while the end-users feel connected when the program brings their family and children unexpected convenience. Meanwhile, the negative feedback will be helpful to further refine the program. In my opinion, group and membership is a physical official relationship while community and belongings are describing the mental relationship, which is formed when other community members and the individual both feel connected. Releasing the program will be helpful to build the connection in the community and turn the concept of group and membership into the ideal of community and belongings.