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Portland Know Your City Tour | We walked around downtown Portland to see some iconic sites like the Keep Portland Weird sign and to hear about Portland’s history of Chinese immigrants, Japanese internment, flooding, LGBT rights, and more!




Portland Pride Parade | We traveled downtown to watch the hours-long parade of community groups and organizations supporting LGBT rights. We even saw Darcelle XV, the world’s oldest drag performer.






 First Day of Work|We figured out the bus system and travelled to our various internships, where we got an introduction to what we would be doing this summer.






Operation Nightwatch | We volunteered at Operation Nightwatch, which provides a safe and fun place where homeless people can hang out in the evenings. We had conversations, heard stories, and learned about the trials of homelessness.






arquam Nature Park Volunteer Day | We did trail maintenance of a one mile trail in Marquam Nature Park, clearing away shrubs and branches that were encroaching on the path.