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Each weekday starts off with an alarm nice and early to wake me up for work at the Center for Collaborative Education in downtown Boston. My daily routine usually involves me stopping at the nearby coffee shop, Boston Common Coffee, for a large hot drink and some food to get me started. My workday is usually filled with variety each day. Sometimes I worked in the office location on material organization or putting together some instruction material for upcoming workshops. Other days I got to go into the field and work with students in different schools and see some of the assessment training that the Center for Collaborative Education works to put in place. A usual work day ends around 5, when I then pack up and head back to the apartments at Suffolk University where the DukeEngage group is staying. Most of the other group members end their work day around the same time, so I often see and interact with them as soon as I get back. We are all often tired from work, so an hour or two of relaxation is usually in order. After that, the group tires to arrange dinner plans to either go out somewhere (taco Tuesdays was a very popular weekly activity) or buy some groceries and do some bonding and cooking in the dorms. After dinner, depending on the mood and energy level, I would continue to sit around and casually talk or go back to my dorm to continue winding down for the ensuing day.