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Published by Mikhal Kidane
A recognition of the collective and the extension of care beyond that of the individual have distinguished my experience in …
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Why are you here?

Published by Lauren Anders
DukeEngage was one of the primary reasons I applied to Duke. I participated in a similar program in high school …
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Published by Emery Jenson
What is the reward for humanitarian work? For working at a non-governmental organization (NGO) or working as a volunteer? The …
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a speaker in front of various flags

World Refugee Day

Published by Emery Jenson
“We all have the potential to be refugees.” There were a few empty seats in the auditorium at Sophumelela High …
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African in South Africa

Published by Mumbi Kanyogo
1. I am aware that suffering and the resulting struggle build whole nations, historical connections, unbreakable bonds. I imagine the …
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Welcome to America

Published by Sanjidah Ahmed
“Are you from Iraq or Kuwait or…” I’m from Kansas, but that doesn’t matter. When someone asks me where I’m …
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Published by Jason Brovich
At Legal Services, we work two days in the office and one day remotely from the University of Miami campus, …
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A Dry Week, A Dry Post

Published by Fiona Xin
Because we were so static and uninspired last weekend, our group was determined to do at least something over the …
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It’s Complicated

Published by Lenae Ryan
People are complex. Everyone is as complex as you. You know those fun times where you have weird thoughts that …
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