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Tiffany Drew a Picture of Us

Week 4: Jungle

Published by Melody Hong
New Grounds This week we moved to 1st grade. I’ve never needed a nap more in my life. When I …
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Thank Your 1st Grade Teacher

Published by Brock Salzman
This week I was assigned a 1st grade classroom. My previous classes have been 6th and 4th, so this was …
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students learning

Overwhelming Opposition

Published by Valentina Saavedra
Looking Back When looking back at the past couple of weeks, I can see a clear difference in the dynamics …
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intense stare down

The Language of Berry Milk

Published by Brandon Bui
This week was definitely the most challenging week so far, but that was expected since the kids and English levels …
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Published by James Feng
  Well, it’s official. We’ve reached the halfway point in our time teaching at Jiguchon School. We only have two more …
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Week Three Group Update

Published by Melody Hong and Brock Salzman
This week we moved to another class: the 4th graders! The age difference between 6th grade and 4th grade could …
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“자, 얘들아”

Published by Peining Yang
  The second week of teaching didn’t come easier, but we did indeed felt more in control. This week I …
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It took many attempts to finally get this class photo of our 3rd graders.

Naps and Recaps

Published by Youlim Kim
I have many nicknames. I’ve been called, Yo-lim, Kimmy, You You, Yo-yo, Limmy, Limsanity…You… But one nickname my parents have …
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