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Law, Activism, and Sacrifice

Published by Victoria Wang
Before coming to Cape Town, the word “activist” evoked specific images: those of people on the streets and on campuses, …
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The Challenge of Uncertainty

Published by Kristina Smith
How has your identity been challenged? – A question posed at Reflection   Mark one of the following: Black/African American, …
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When Only Isn’t so Lonely

Published by Yilmaz Oklay
My experience this summer has provoked me to think about what it feels like to be “only.” I have spent …
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sun setting over highway

Creating Space

Published by Jair Oballe
Yesterday, I was taken to a youth drag showcase at a small café blocks away from where we live. Upon …
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Published by Sanjidah Ahmed
Immigration Court is simultaneously much less dramatic and much more intimidating than I could have ever imagined. Standing at the …
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White marble building in front of a body of water

Freedom to Run

Published by Nima Mohammadi
I love to run. It gives me the chance to collect myself and my thoughts over the events of the …
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What Good Am I Doing Here?

Published by Victoria Wang
I find myself wondering how much “good” I’m doing here on a daily basis. As I sit at my desk …
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The Crypt

Published by Mumbi Kanyogo
If you walk on Long Street, past the Iziko Slave Lodge Museum and the company gardens, you will come across …
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