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students giving hearts to the camera

So Long, Farewell Jiguchon

Published by James Feng
Goodbyes suck. They’re hard and frankly, I’m not very good at them. I’m usually the person who waves and says …
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Thank You Jiguchon, Saranghae

Week 5: Goodbyes

Published by Melody Hong
This week was our last and final week at Jiguchon, and it was a whirlwind of emotions. Our last class …
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Group Blog – South Korea Week 5

Published by Jea Kim, Valentina Saavedra
JEA’S SECTION <Farewell to the Adorables> Maybe four weeks was way too short. During the last week at Jiguchon, we …
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blurry photo of kids on top of student

Goodbye Jiguchon

Published by Brock Salzman
This week marked our final time at the Jiguchon School. All the relationships we had formed over the past four …
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people smiling in classroom

안녕 Jiguchon!

Published by Peining Yang
And that’s a wrap! Well, for now.   This week we completed our teaching journey at Jiguchon School. Over the …
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Hello, Sorak Mountain!

안녕, Goodbye and Hello

Published by Youlim Kim
This past week was filled with goodbyes and hellos. Goodbye Jiguchon Our time at Jiguchon had come to an end. …
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students sitting on floor

A Difficult Farewell

Published by Brandon Bui
This week, I experienced language barriers, sad farewells, and unprecedented bonding. Going into this week of teaching, I was aware …
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Youlim explaining the rules of Four Corners to Jake and Jack.

Silent Inner Conflicts

Published by Jea Hyun Kim
Peace. As soon as I stepped into the classroom for this week, my mind was shouting for this one word. …
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Brandon gets mobbed by six 1st graders...and we thought last week was difficult.

Week 4 Group Blog: Chorus or Chaos

Published by James Feng and Youlim Kim
None of us realized just how hard teaching could be until we started teaching first and second graders. The First …
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with Jiyeon!

Four, Purple, Hexagon.

Published by Peining Yang
  Today is Sunday 24th of June. Today also marks the half way point of my DukeEngage journey. It’s absolutely …
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