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Published by Mikhal Kidane
Public transportation generally has the reputation of being the preferred means of travel for working class commuters. Public transportation is …
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Enough is Enough

Published by Lauren Anders
“Americans think everything needs to be done America first. Here we do things South Africa first.” Work has been a …
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A group having a discussion

Who Gets to Be “African”?

Published by Ashleigh Smith
Being an African American woman, I knew coming to South Africa would be a different experience for me. In my …
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Am I Really Helping?

Published by Lenae Ryan
Every day, we walk into the black building with bright red windows at 33 Church Street. We say hi to …
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The Power of a Smile

Published by Cristina Perez
Every summer, thousands of college and high school students set out on programs taking them all over the world, thinking …
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the backs of people's heads in the audience

Privilege, Rights and Rhetoric

Published by Esther Weiwei Wang
On June 6th, I had the pleasure of attending Tucson city council meeting with my colleagues from Scholarship A-Z. At …
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