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Eyes Open to Complexity

Published by Beini Yin
The last day of work was a whirlwind of work and emotions. We stayed in our office area the entire …
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Branching Out Portland: Week 8

Published by Elizabeth Allen
Last Group Dinner & Discussion | We went to Nicholas Restaurant for our last group dinner and got amazing Lebanese …
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A group of students standing by the entrance to the Marquam Nature Park

DukeEngage Portland 2017

Published by Elizabeth Allen
Sierra, Margaret, and Abbie put together a video highlighting some of the things we did this summer at DukeEngage Portland …
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An Outsider of the System

Published by Anqi Pu
Throughout years, I’ve been accustomed to being an outsider. Deeply influenced by Martha Nussbaum, I try to practice rational detachment. …
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Learn to say no to volunteering

Published by Zhiyuan Zhou
It is already the 6th week since I started my DukeEngage journey with Washington Environmental Council (WEC) at Seattle. For …
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Portland’s Housing Crisis

Published by Richard Van Vliet
I love cities. All are unique. All have their distinctive cultures, locations, and feels. Whenever I travel, I really try …
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Recognizing my Ignorance

Published by Nick Simmons
I used to have a clear conception of how I got to Duke. I took hard classes, worked diligently, and …
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