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Anthony Rodriguez with his host family

The People in the Stories

Published by katerodgers
Chiapas: One of my favorite parts of my DukeEngage experience was going to Chiapas, Mexico. Some of the things we …
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DukeEngage students Louden in Ireland 2016

Determining Best Interests

Published by Louden Richason
“I want to go back to Afghanistan, and I want to be a doctor there, but a doctor that people …
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DukeEngage student Jackson Steger in Ireland 2016

The Democracy of Social Media

Published by Jackson Steger
BREAKING NEWS: DukeEngage Student Discovers That He Takes Something for Granted! I teach young people at a school for refugee …
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DukeEngage student Sara Evall in Ireland 2016

On Identity

Published by Sara Evall
As a Jewish, white, Los Angelino woman with skin dark enough to look like I could belong to most ethnicities, …
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Taxi Cab Drivers of Amman

Published by Khalouk
It’s five weeks in and, of all the experiences that I originally anticipated having in Amman, I never would have …
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Looking Inward

Published by Ben
Our discussion last Saturday began with each of us opening up about our worries, hopes, and expectations for the trip. …
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Published by Helena
Patience, I think, is the trait that has been most exercised and also most beneficial throughout my time in Jordan. …
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