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A "Love" poster next to a bucket of markers

Silencing Skepticism

Published by Jailene Vazquez
With seven days left in this wonderful city, I find myself wanting to go back to the beginning of the …
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Wall marking the border between the US and Mexico

A Continental Realization

Published by Rachel Katz
On our very first day of DukeEngage in Chiapas, Mexico, I took a cab back “home” with one of our …
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Graphic of the Coalicion de Derechos Humanos

Answering the Call

Published by Rachel Katz
“No sé donde está mi hija. Por favor, puede ayudarme a buscar pa ella?” “I don’t know where my daughter …
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Mural of Che Guevara in Chiapas, Mexico

Starting Small

Published by katerodgers
Chiapas incited a bit of an existential crisis in me, in a good way. I probably should have expected something …
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Students dropping gallons of water in the desert in Arivaca, AZ

Pa’delante Forward

Published by Garrett Post
I just got here, and it’s already time to leave. I don’t know how I can go when there’s so …
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The 2016 Tucson team

Southside Workers Center

Published by Anthony Rodriguez
For the past two months, I’ve spent my time volunteering at the Southside Workers Center in Tucson. The workers center …
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Anthony Rodriguez with his host family

The People in the Stories

Published by katerodgers
Chiapas: One of my favorite parts of my DukeEngage experience was going to Chiapas, Mexico. Some of the things we …
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Published by Emily Nagler
For past 7 weeks at OA (OneAmerica), every day I have been more and more impressed by the breadth of …
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