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Bar Farouk Cabaret Show

Published by Kevin Wang
Friday night. While exploring different clubs, bars, and all that is Beirut nightlife is interesting, on this night, we were …
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Compsci in Peru

Published by Anna Sun
One of my concerns when I started the DukeEngage program was that I would be just another one out of …
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On the Education System

Published by Tierney Pretzer
Tomorrow will mark three weeks from my departure. In one way it seems as if I have been gone for …
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Education in Kenya

Published by Kalifa Wright
Spending my summer working in Kenya with WISER and interacting with the Muhuru Bay community has truly been quite a …
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A DukeEngage student in Morocco

Zaouiat Ahansal

Published by Erica Onuoha
(This blog is from the summer of 2016.) It’s been an intense, eye-opening 2 months in Zaouiat Ahansal. Most times, …
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