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City Hall Views

“…and justice for all?”

Published by Luis Colon Rios
Yesterday, a staff member from the internship site took a group of us to participate in one of the most …
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First Impressions

Published by Rachel Donaldson
“They’re looking at us like we’re zoo animals,” a client mumbled under his breath to his friend as our aggressively …
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The Power of Three

Published by Nate Rasch
I heard so much about DukeEngage before applying. “It’s life changing,” everyone would say, and then continue on to talk …
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The Tenderloin

Published by Ben Grant
I honestly do not think that anything would have prepared me for what I would see here in San Francisco. …
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Leaving San Francisco

Published by Christian Tanner
It seems as though my 8 weeks in San Francisco have come and gone in the blink of an eye. …
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Two rainbow themed paintings

The Illusion of a Perfect Pride

Published by Aurelio Falconi
The Excitement is Here! I started my DukeEngage program ecstatic to spend pride month in San Francisco. My co-workers have …
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Colorful notecards posted on a white wall

Rethinking Assumptions

Published by Isabel Gutenplan
The ten days leading up to my DukeEngage experience, I was in Israel participating in Birthright, an organization that allows …
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