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Bridging the Gap

Published by Nicole Kastelic
I’ve been doing a lot of listening this first week, and in doing so I’ve developed a much more robust …
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people posing

Warm Regards from Chile

Published by Ansley Arnow
Here in Neltume, Chile, deep in the Southern Hemisphere, the days are becoming shorter and shorter as temperatures drop by …
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entrance to cabin

Welcome to Neltume, Chile

Published by Elena Puccio
My name is Elena and I will be spending the next two months in Neltume, Chile with 6 other undergrads, …
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An Unappreciated Medium

Published by Jose San Martin
Unpopular opinion: Video games can tell a compelling and thorough story just as well as books can. Don’t believe me? …
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Caught in the Net

Published by Fiona Xin
This Tuesday was Fourth of July. Our group planned a trip to the Biltmore 2017 Fireworks Spectacular to be festive …
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