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students learning

Lessons from North Korea

Published by Brandon Bui
Working with older students is an experience that has been extremely rewarding for me. At Woorideul School, I teach the …
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people serving food

Week 7: Group Blog

Published by Melody Hong and Brock Salzman
The second week at Wooridul was much easier than the first. We started to get a hang of the different …
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Published by Jea Hyun Kim
Coming from a school full of vibrant and young students, I felt weird standing in front of students who are …
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English book

Hello?! Woorideul

Published by James Feng
This week we started teaching at the Woorideul School. But first, a little background. This school specializes in teaching people …
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black board

New School

Published by Brock Salzman
This week was our first experience with our second site, Woorideul School. Although it shares the same goal, educating foreign students, …
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people serving food

Orcas in Russia

Published by Youlim Kim
“Four orcas are in the far east of Russia. They get trapped between ice. People help them.” My first lesson …
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Introductions at the morning assembly

Group Blog #6 DukeEngage South Korea

Published by Peining Yang & Brandon Bui
This week, our group began teaching at Woorideul School (우리들학교), a specialized academy for North Korean refugees and Korean-Chinese who have …
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view from namsan tower

New School New Experience

Published by Valentina Saavedra
New School This week our DESK group started working at the school for North Korean refugees here in Seoul. Unlike …
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